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A "Building Wealth Together" Success Story

“I made $15,400 on my first 3 deals”. Leland’s program is everything he says it is and more”

Scott L. Birmingham, AL
Houston Chamber of Commerce

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The #1 Note Buying Opportunity in the USA

    We teach you how to find individuals who receive payments from  
    various types of notes and income streams - You Bring the Deals to 
    Us - We Purchase Them - You Earn An Excellent Referral Fee Each
 Start Your New Note Business Today!

     Three Excellent Reasons To Start Today!

1. Your earnings potential is unlimited!
Notes are being created at the fastest pace in decades.  Now is the time to cash in!
2. We support you every step of the way!
We work together as partners. Our experienced
staff teaches you how to locate these notes
and we do all the paperwork for you at no charge.
3. We are an industry leader with an excellent record!
We have been in business for over a decade
and are recognized as both a leader in the
purchase of notes as well as a leader in training individuals how to succeed in our field.

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