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Home Business Journal - April 2015

Hidden Cash Flow Riches
by Leland von Syring
Have you ever heard of someone buying and selling income streams for a living? If you are like most people, you probably haven’t. This profession, commonly referred to as the “Cash Flow Industry”, is starting to open eyes among individuals who are looking for the perfect home based business opportunity.

It all began years ago when it was common place for individuals to sell land and “carry the note” for the buyer. Savvy investors realized these “note holders’ would eventually sell their notes at a discount, meaning nice profits for the investors buying the notes. This was all done locally until other investors realized the potential in purchasing notes across the country. In the 1990’s the purchasing of privately held mortgage notes emerged as the number one “debt instrument” to broker.

Also, years ago the purchasing of invoices was common place in the garment industry. Manufactures ran into cash flow problems when they received large orders (called invoices) and had to fill them but didn’t get paid for 60 to 90 days after the goods were produced and shipped. Once again, investors discovered they could fill a niche market and need (supply “cash now” to the manufacturer) by purchasing these invoices at a discount. Now accounts receivable funding is a multi-billion dollar business.

Eventually investors could not find enough of these deals on their own and at the same time wanted to expand to purchase notes throughout the country. They quickly realized they could find an endless amount of notes and save huge amounts of money by having a network of brokers around the country doing the leg work and locating the note holders for them. Thus, the “Cash Flow” broker was born.

The Cash Flow broker, or broker as they are called, fills a need by placing a note seller with an investor. Although there are now over 60 types of income streams that are brokered, they all share the same common steps, due diligence, and processing to complete the “deal” as they are commonly referred to.

Here is an example of how a typical deal works. Let’s use a Lottery Winning as an example (this is only an example for illustration purposes):

The broker and the lottery winner converse on the telephone and the broker finds out the lottery winner is receiving payments of $50,000 per year for 10 more years paid by the State of Texas. The broker takes this information down and forwards it to a couple of investors, looking for the best offer. Within a few hours the investors make offers and the best one is $375,000. The broker can then subtract his/her commission from the $375,000 and make an offer to the client. In this case the broker chose a commission of $25,000 and offered the client $350,000 for the 10 payments ($375,000 minus $25,000 equals $350,000).

The client accepts the offer and the broker assist the investor in gathering documents and finalizing the purchase of the lottery winning. In this scenario the broker made $25,000 ($375,000 offered price minus the $350,000 price to the client equals $25,000 for the broker).

Cash flow brokers always create a win-win-win situation for everyone involved. They assist the note seller by helping them obtain the lump sum of money they are seeking, they help the investor because the investor will purchase the note at a discount and make a good profit from the transaction, and the note broker is happy because he/she will receive a great commission on each transaction.

One of the great things about the cash flow industry is that you can work this business from the comfort of your home. There are never any territories and all you need is a telephone and a fax machine is preferred.

Training and support are essential to a beginning broker’s success. Some investors will work with brokers and teach them how to locate note holders and assist them with completing their transactions while others expect the broker to be trained and competent. Because of this need to learn, there are now several companies who will assist brokers with training and set them up for success in the note industry. There are also several good “how to” manuals on the market that will teach you how to locate note holders and broker the deals. Charter Financial offers an excellent program and is nationally known for helping beginning brokers.

Either way, you will be able to make some excellent part time money or if you desire, great full time money buying and selling notes.

Leland von Syring has been in the note business for over 15 years and is founder and President of Charter Financial, one of the countries largest privately owned purchasers of privately held mortgages, court settlements, lottery winnings, and business notes. You may visit the Charter Financial website at or call (888) 539-3707 for more information.

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