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“I made $15,400 on my first 3 deals”. Leland’s program is everything he says it is and more”

Scott L. Birmingham, AL
Houston Chamber of Commerce

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As we all know, the Economy still hasn't recovered to its potential and people are in Need of Money. We also know that banks are still not lending and because of this, home sellers are offering Owner Financing at a record pace.

People in Need of Money - New Notes Being Created at a Record Pace

This is where you come in.  We teach you how to find these individuals who are receiving payments from different types of incomes streams such as Owner Financed Real Estate Notes, Court Settlements, Lottery Winnings, and Business Notes.

   You Refer the Deals to Us - We Purchase Them - You Receive a Great Referral Fee!

Our business is truly unique in that many people have not heard about it, but those who are working it are doing really well.  Read below for a complete explanation of how our business works or          Click here to listen to Leland's Podcast 

Our Business Explained in Detail Below  

There are literally Millions of Individuals in this country who receive payments over time from privately-held mortgage notes, land contracts, court settlements and lottery winnings. Most of these individuals (literally millions) would prefer to have a lump sum of Cash Now instead of the relatively small amount they receive on a monthly or annual basis. Our company purchases these notes by offering a lump sum of money to the individual receiving payments in exchange for the right to receive their future payments. All that is required of you is to locate the holders of these notes.

There are so many people in need of money and they are selling their notes at a record pace.


Once you begin working this wonderful business, you will find that people will be calling or emailing you “asking you” to purchase their notes. This is because people who hold notes usually want to sell them but they don’t know whom to sell them to. You will become the person who helps them get the money they are looking for. You will help us because we are looking to purchase as many notes as possible and you will help yourself with a great referral fee each time. EVERYONE WINS!

We have literally millions and millions of dollars available to purchase notes with but cannot find all of them on our own. We need your help! That’s where you come in, the Charter Financial Referral Agent*.

*Our Referral Agents are sometimes referred to as Note Brokers or Brokers.

What does a Charter Referral Agent do?

A Charter Referral Agent uses our Proven Marketing Methods to locate individuals who receive payments from privately-held mortgage notes, land contracts, court settlements, annuities and lottery winnings. As a Referral Agent, you will Use our Money to offer a lump sum of cash to your clients for the rights to receive their future payments. You are paid the difference between what we offer for the income stream and the price you offer your client. As you will see, our Agents Make Great Referral Fees on every transaction.

Is it Easy to make Money locating Notes?

You wouldn't believe how easy it is to make money in this business. Here is an example: Mrs. Smith would like to cash out the mortgage note she is holding on a home she sold one year ago. Her daughter is starting college in the fall and she needs money for tuition. When Mrs. Smith calls you, all you do is ask her the questions on the Easy to Read Mortgage Quote Sheet,  (click here for a sample quote sheet) that comes with the course and then tell her you will get back to her in a few hours with a quote. You then fax or email this information to us and we will tell you how much we are willing to pay for this note. You subtract your fee from our price and then quote Mrs. Smith the new price.

Let's illustrate this example:

Property type: Single Family Residence
Original sales price: $100,000
Down payment: $10,000
Original note balance: $90,000
Interest rate: 10%
Months financed: 360
Monthly payment: $789.81
Number of payments remaining: 348

In this example, we would pay you $86,910 for this note. Let's say you would like to make $3,000 on this deal. You would then quote Mrs. Smith a price of $83,910. When she accepts, we will help you obtain the necessary paperwork or you can just step aside and We will do all the necessary work to close the Transaction. This usually takes 2 to 3 weeks.

Our price $86,910
Your price to Mrs. Smith $83,910
You make $ 3,000

You just made $3,000 on one Transaction and
All you did was give us a name.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Here is an example of someone who has received a court settlement. Mr. Hall calls you and tells you that he was injured in an automobile accident several years ago and will receive payments of $2,000 per month for the rest of his life. He is interested in selling 5 years of payments (60 months). He would like to open a business but needs a lump sum of cash to do so. You tell him you would be happy to assist him in obtaining a lump sum of cash. Once again, All you have to do is ask him a few simple questions from our one-page Settlement/Annuity Quote Sheet  (click here for a sample quote sheet) that you receive with the course. Then, same as before, fax or email the information to us. We will tell you how much we can offer for this payment stream. As before, just subtract what you would like to make and offer Mr. Hall the difference.

Lets illustrate this example:

Our price $90,000
Your price to Mr. Hall $85,000
You make $ 5,000

In this example you have just made another $5,000.

Once again you have made an Outstanding referral fee for just a few minutes of work. Does this sound too good to be true? It’s not. It only gets better.

The best part of our business is that you don’t have to sell anybody anything. People will actually call you trying to sell you their note or payment stream. You are the person who can help them get the money they need now.

“Use Our Money to Make Yourself Wealthy”

Win the lottery by locating lottery winners who would like to sell their winnings. Many times we hear of people who win the lottery, and we perceive them as being wealthy. This isn’t always the case. Let’s take a look at one lottery winner who won $1,000,000 in a state lottery. That sounds like a lot of money but actually this person (Mr. Ramirez) will receive $50,000 a year for the next 20 years. Still a lot of money, but Mr. Ramirez would like to purchase a $200,000 house in a nice neighborhood. He called a Charter Referral Agent looking to sell some payments for the $200,000. Our Associate was given a quote of $225,000 for 5 years of payments. The Agent then quoted Mr. Ramirez $205,000. Mr. Ramirez accepted and Our Referral Agent made $20,000 for less than an hour’s worth of work.

Our price $225,000
Your price to Mr. Ramirez $205,000
You make $ 20,000

 *Referral Fees are determined by you on a case by case basis - A good standard to follow is charging 3% - 6% of the amount we offer for the purchase of the note.


What are the Steps to Making Money with Charter Financial's 'Building Wealth Together" Program?

Locate Note Sellers

We give you Proven Marketing Methods to Locate Note Holders. This includes sample ads and letters. You also receive information on how to research courthouse records to locate mortgage holders and individuals that receive payments from personal injury settlements. We also discuss other proven marketing methods that successful Agents have used to make thousands and thousands of dollars. We will also teach you how to establish a referral base that will continuously give you endless leads.

2. Take down information and forward to Charter Financial

We give you Easy-to-Follow “Quote” sheets (one page each) that contain the exact questions that you will need to ask a note seller about the payment stream. You then fax or email the information to our office. We will get back to you with an exact quote of how much we will pay for the note or payment stream. You subtract your referral fee from that price and then offer the new quote to your client.

3. Client Accepts Offer

You then notify Charter Financial of the price that your client accepted. You may gather the documents that are needed to process the transaction, or if you desire, We will take over the deal from that point on and do all the necessary work to complete the transaction. Either way, your fee stays the same.

4. Deposit Your Money in the Bank

When the deal is completed, We will wire your referral fee directly into your bank account or overnight you a company check. You are paid the same day the transaction is completed.

Can I find Note Holders on A Shoestring Budget?

Yes, Click here to watch Leland's video on Low Cost Marketing Methods

Can anyone do this business?

Yes they can. You do not need a college degree in marketing to learn how to locate individuals who have notes and income streams to sell. You don’t even need a high school education. You just need a Desire to Succeed. We teach you everything you need to know in order to be successful and offer you our ongoing phone and email support. Remember,          “When You Make Money, We Make Money”

Can I keep my present job and work this program too?

Absolutely. Most people start out on a part-time basis. We will teach you how you can successfully earn additional monthly income working this business just a few hours a week. Many housewives do this business for extra income as well as college students. Also, there are many individuals who come into contact with holders of notes on a daily basis and don’t even know it. We will teach you how to make thousands of dollars by knowing how to identify these individuals. Once again, anyone, regardless of their education or present position in life, can be a successful Referral Agent.

Can I make a living doing this business?

Most definitely. Many successful Agents are currently making well over $100,000 per year and working less than 40 hours a week. They all have the flexibility to work when they want and where they want. As you will see in the training manual, all you need in order to operate your business is a home phone or cellular phone. You can do this business anywhere.  As a matter of fact, our company purchases notes in all U.S. states. Many Referral Agents make more money from one phone call than most people make in a month.

Will I become an employee of Charter Financial?

No you will not. You will be an Independent Representative that works as much or as little as you desire. There are no quotas to maintain and no pressure to produce. You will receive a 1099 form for tax purposes at the end of the year.

What will I receive with this Business Opportunity?

1) A Training Manual that is easy to read and understand.
It teaches you Everything You Need to Know to start making money immediately. Nothing is left out. You will learn everything from setting up the business to closing the deal.

2) Referral Agent’s Incentive Program.
We will refund to you the price of this course upon the closing of your first transaction with us. Your second transaction will earn you a $250 Bonus and your third transaction will earn you a $500 Bonus.                           These Bonuses are in addition to your Commission.

3) Referral Agent Support. We offer the best support in the industry. All of our
members are eligible for the following:

1. Group Tele-Seminars – These “live” telephone seminars are conducted by our experienced staff members and focus on various topics that will help you with your business.  These topics include but are not limited to; Simultaneous Closings, Courthouse Research, Marketing to FSBO's, Networking, and many more valuable topics. These sessions have proven to be very valuable for not only our beginning members but our more experienced members as well.

2. Telephone Support – Speak directly with our experienced professionals

3. Email Support – Available 24 hours a day

4) The Charter Financial Advantage™. If you prefer, once your client has agreed to your offer, you may provide us with the client’s name, telephone number and accepted price. We will work the deal for you from beginning to end at no charge to you. This is another great benefit to working with our company. This service is free and your commission stays the same.

5) Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee.
You will be given 30 days to look over the materials that are sent to you. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the training materials or contents, you may send back the training package in its original condition for a full refund.

How much does the training package cost? And why?

How much would you expect to pay for an opportunity that will Change your Life Forever? There are some training organizations that are teaching the same thing we are for as much as $5,000. These individuals are in the business of making money from “selling information” as opposed to making money from buying notes.

Why would we charge you an outrageous amount of money just to learn the business? After all, "We Make Money When You Make Money". We would prefer you save that money and spend it on promoting your business. 

The money that we receive from the sale of this training package pays for the production of the materials as well as our cost associated with finding Agents such as you. Because of this, we are able to offer our program for only $195.

ONLY $195!

And remember, we also refund you this amount when you complete your first transaction with us. We also offer an unconditional money back guarantee, so if your not completely satisfied with our materials, just send them back for a full refund - no questions asked.

Sign Up Now and receive Free Bonus Materials Listed Below


                                      "Portfolio Profits"                                                        $149 Value  

This guide will help you make money buying Non Performing Loan Portfolios from banks.  Almost every bank has a listing of bad loans they are trying to get rid of, we teach you how to connect with the banks and bring these deals to us.  These are larger transactions with huge pay days for the agent. The average fee per transaction runs around $50,000 and you can find these deals without any marketing expense. 

When you order we will send you an instant downloadable guide to working with these types of deals so you can get started today!


Seller-Financed Business Notes
$99 Value

By placing your order now, we will send you information that will teach you how to locate the hottest cash flow in the industry: Business Notes. This segment of the Cash Flow Industry is Virtually Untapped. Almost every small business in America is sold using some form of seller financing. We now purchase these notes. There are literally billions of dollars worth of Business Notes in circulation at any given time. Learn how you can make a great living by locating these types of notes. We will teach you the absolute best way of finding an endless supply of Business Notes.

Advanced Training Materials
$79 Value

When you place your order now you will also receive additional Advanced Training Materials that Will take you to the next level in your note business. You will receive information on doing Simultaneous Closings, Techniques for Courthouse Research for mortgage notes, and information on how to purchase a portion of a note. You will also learn how to process deals that pay you over and over again.

We will teach you how we determine our pricing on notes and you will learn about purchasing wrap-around mortgage notes. We will also educate you on the complete process of purchasing a note from beginning to end. If you order now, we will also give you secrets that the most successful Referral Agents use to make over $100,000 per year in this fantastic business.

CD-ROM “Success Package”
$40 Value

This CD-ROM includes quote sheets, solicitation letters, purchase agreements, applications, and much more valuable and useful information.

First Two Months of Unlimited Support
$20 Value

This support is available via our Live Teleseminars, Telephone and Email.  You receive the first two months free, and once you complete your first transaction with us you receive lifetime free support. If after the first two months you have not yet completed a transaction with us, then the mentoring is available for the low cost of just $9.95 per month, you may cancel this at anytime. Two months is more than enough time to complete your first transaction.

Order Today to receive our complete
 Award Winning Package which Includes:

  • Charter Financials Award Winning Referral Agent Training Manual

  • Proven Sample Ads

  • Numerous Marketing Techniques

  • Quote Sheets

  • Sample Solicitation Letters

  • Unlimited Live Group Tele-Seminars

  • Broker Support via telephone and ema

  • Incentive Program

  • Business Note Program

  • Advanced Training Materials

  • CD-ROM Success Package

  • "Portfolio Profits" - A Guide to working with Non Performing Bank Loans


  • Unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee



At the present time we have openings for Referral Agents due to the hundreds and hundreds of notes that are being created on a daily basis plus all the many bad loans being held by banks. Our Agents simply can’t keep up with the volume - they are not able to locate all of the notes that are in existence and we are leaving money on the table. Money that all of us could be sharing.

Therefore, we are looking for individuals that want to work from home and who are serious about changing their lives.


  • Must have a telephone or cellular phone

  • Desire to succeed

  • Ambition

  • Positive Attitude

  • At least two extra hours per week

  • No Licensing requirements

  • No Computer Necessary

  • Nothing else to buy




By placing your order now you will receive INSTANT ONLINE ACCESS to our private "Member Only" website.  This site contains the Online Version of our award winning "Building Wealth Together" program, our "Portfolio Profits" program and everything else you will need to successfully operate your new business.

This IMMEDIATE online access will enable you to not only begin studying the training materials within seconds, but also allows you to START YOUR BUSINESS TODAY!

Once you place your order online, you will receive a confirmation receipt email and an additional email that provides you with a username and password so that You may begin reading the manual NOW - while you wait for the printed version to arrive.



Charter Financial and You

There has never before been a business opportunity where you can simply refer an individual’s name to a company and receive a huge referral fee. As was mentioned earlier, we cannot find all of these deals on our own. We need your help. We have literally millions of dollars that are allocated specifically for purchasing mortgage notes, court settlements, annuities, lottery winnings, and business notes.

We are looking to establish a mutually beneficial long term working relationship with you. We have taken away all of the risk. We offer our money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. We also refund the price of the training materials upon completion of your first transaction. How can you go wrong?

The time is now to change your life forever!

Maybe you are currently working a dead-end job with no opportunity for advancement or perhaps you work too many hours for too little pay or maybe you have recently lost your job. Whatever the reason, you know it's Now time to Take Charge of your Life!

If you are willing to follow our easy instructions and if you want to work from home and be your own boss while making great money, then you have found the perfect company to work with. We have a solid reputation in our industry and in our community. (We invite you to check our references– The Better Business Bureau and Chamber of Commerce found below.)

Our Agents are earning Outstanding and Mind-Boggling Fees, and our industry is growing rapidly. Most people have still never heard of it and the TIME TO JOIN IS NOW!

                 ORDER NOW 


Business References

Houston Better Business Bureau
5225 Katy Freeway, Suite 500
Houston, Texas 77007

BBB Gold Star Winners - 10th Years in a row

Member Houston Chamber of Commerce
6900 S. Rice
Bellaire, Texas 77401


Broker Success Stories (just a sampling)

Watch some of our Video Testimonials

Edwin Lee - $25,000 on a court settlement 

Edwin Lee's Testimonial            Check            Photo

A. McCoy made over $11,000 on his first three deals
Duryea B. made $14,000 on his first deal
Bill M. made $58,000 on one transaction
E. Coleman has earned over $20,000
E. English earned over $18,000 on his first deal                                                            J. Gardner made $4,500 on his first two transactions

The individuals listed above have earned these fees in the note business.
They are only a sampling of the hundreds of success stories that are associated with this
business. Not everyone will achieve these same results.

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